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They look toward each other and Delilah smiles.

After a moment, she props herself up on one elbow and

stares at Maeve, who squirms under the scrutiny.


Summer suits you, Mavis.

She touches her hand to her lips, leaving behind a drop of blood.

They catch their breath.  Maeve looks down and smiles in disbelief.


You're really gonna leave me?


I'm not leaving you, i'm leaving everyone else.


Maeve's worn graphic tee with a drooping daisy gets momentarily stuck on a branch. She wiggles it loose and continues, hurrying to match Delilah's pace.

Maeve pours a little, which slightly misses Delilah's mouth and drips down her chin.

Maeve catches the drop with a finger.  She keeps her hand there, gently tracing Delilah's collarbone.

She takes a piece of Maeve's hair and twirls it around her finger.



I'm sorry.


Delilah reaches over Maeve to grab the jar of honey, and on the way she rests her lips on Maeve's shoulder.  Maeve raises her head for a moment, then goes back to her fortress.

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