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Diamond Screen Film Festival - Best Grad
New York Lift-Off Film Festival 2019 - O

A short film by Molly Sorensen

Winner of a 2020 Gotham Student Film Award with current distribution from Focus Features and JetBlue

Diamond Screen Film Festival - Best Narr
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Atlantic City Cinef
Official Selection - Diamond Screen Film

Mud + honey trailer

Maeve and Delilah have each other and not much else in their hum-drum suburban town.  They spend the days avoiding their wretched families, buying cigarettes, laying in the sun, and waiting for some cosmic force to send adventure.  A pair for as long as they can remember - from catching frogs in Maeve’s pond to awkward Goth phases and teen angst.  Delilah, unafraid and a little sadistic, has never stuck with a hair color for more than a month.  Maeve, introverted and a bit of a dreamer, is helplessly in love with Delilah.

In the heat of the summer, Delilah has had enough and decides to leave town. Maeve is willing to do just about anything to stay together, including abandoning her sick, alcoholic mother and leaving with Delilah.  But their yin and yang balance is disrupted when it becomes clear that Delilah has other plans for her escape.  Now Maeve has to make her move, keeping Delilah by any means necessary.

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Route 66 Film Festi
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